December 2016:

Ballooning Adventures


A brand new experience in VR.

Take to the skies in a hot air balloon and explore a vast beautiful landscape.

Ballooning Adventures has been specially developed for Gear VR. Use the built-in touchpad or a gamepad to pilot your balloon through breathtaking scenery. Find the secrets and explore all three realms. An uplifting soundtrack will accompany you through this dreamlike experience. After a while you will become an expert balloon pilot, accurately triggering each collectable. Fly thousands of feet up, find your target then swoop down and skim across the fields, drifting through narrow canyons and deep gorges. Ballooning Adventures employs a vectored thrust and drift mechanic that combines the gentleness of balloon fight with a steerable and intuitive control.

Play to relax and escape, or complete all goals and 100% the game.



160 levels and six individual games makes this our biggest game yet. Totally free and completely addictive fun.

June 2015: Six Skills Released!

Can you master all Six Skills in this highly addictive and simple to play - six game compendium.  Each game is designed to be controlled with a single touch, making it very easy and enjoyable to play.

March 2016: New Update for Alpine Train 3D for iOS!

We are proud to announce a major new update to Alpine Train 3D.  Introducing the beautiful new planetarium.  Explore the solar system and find out some facts about our neighboring planets.




(c) D.Wolff and J.Horton 2015