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Here are a few tips and instructions on how to drive the train and switch tracks, plus some of the things to look out for on your way around the Island.



Moving and Braking

To get the train moving, keep your finger on the big green button, this will accelerate you up the first hill.  This is a heavy train and you will notice it might take a while to get up the hill from a standing start.

Once you are on your way, the train will carry on, running away down hills unless you use the big red BRAKE button. Every time you press the green ACCELERATE button you are burning coal in the engine and using water. If you look at the coal and water dial you will notice it going down. When you finally run out of coal and water you will need to fill up otherwise the train will be very slow to drive.

Coal and Water

To fill up with coal and water simply stop the engine anywhere between the coal and water signs and you should be good to go.

Switching Tracks

The yellow switch buttons change the points of the next upcoming junction. If you click left, the train will turn onto the left track at the next junction and right if you click right.  If you are driving the train backwards, you have to imagine you are at the back of the train looking in the direction of travel.  To make it easier to drive the train backwards, use camera 4 until you become familiar with the game.

Changing the Camera View

To change camera views keep pressing on the blue button until you get to the view you want.

Please note that not all of the camera views are available when you are in the caves.

You can look 360 degrees around and zoom the camera using swipe and pinch-zoom gestures on screen. When on camera 2 and 3 you can look back at the train as you are moving forward.


The orange button sounds the whistle and can also be used to change the music by double tapping quickly.


Other Tips

Look out for the snowman down by the coal and water sheds. You might notice he has moved position every time you come out of the Orca cave!  Sometimes snowmen need to have a stretch and move about.


(c) D.Wolff and J.Horton 2015