Six Skills









 SixSkills is a super addictive, simple to play game compendium.


Each game is designed to be controlled with a single touch, making it very easy and enjoyable to play. Game-play is king. Everything that is not game-play is stripped away.


These skills will take time to master. There are over 160 levels across 6 different game mechanics.

Experience the rewarding feeling as you develop your skills to an expert level.  Master each skill to unlock the next.


1.  Manouver - Pilot your ship around a deadly maze using delicate taps of your thrusters.


2.  Magnet -  Control your descent to the exit, dropping from magnetic shape to shape. Best described as parkour ball-bearing madness !


3.  Grapple -  Use your grapple to expertly swing round hazards. Only with precise timing will you be able to make it you the exit.


4.  Land -  You are at the controls of a rocket. Land before your fuel runs out. You will need to time your engine thrusts with an expert touch.


5.  Bounce - To complete each level you must bounce around the walls to reach the exit. Careful planning is required as you can only bounce on walls that are the same colour as your ship.


6.  Target - Expert timing and judgment is required to shoot all 100 targets.


Complete all six skills to unlock a special feature.




iOS (iPad and iPhone) an Google Play ( Android )


•  No in-app purchases. Buy the game, play the game.





What versions of iPhone and iPad do you support?

We support:

.   iPhone4,  iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone 6.

.   iPod Touch 4th and 5th generations.

.   iPad mini, iPad 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations, iPad Air.


Will my Android device be suitable for Six Skills?

Yes, we have tested Six Skills on a broad range of Android Phones and Tablets and found it to run very well.






(c) D.Wolff and J.Horton 2015