All of six games are controlled using a single touch, anywhere on the screen.

Touching the screen with two fingers or pressing the pause button will bring up the menu.





Touch the screen to thrust. The thrusters rotate automatically, time your thrusts to move your spaceship to the exit (red circle). Once thrusting the thrusters lock in place.

Once in range of the refueling stations ( blue squares ) your ship will refuel.

Avoid the black walls as you will explode if you touch them.

You start with five lives and need to complete 10 levels to reach the save point.

If you run out of lives you may get two extra lives by watching a short video advert for other exciting games.

Complete all 30 levels to open up next game.





Touch the screen to drop from each magnetic shape. Avoid the black walls and get to the exit ( red square ).

Complete all 40 levels to unlock the next game.





Touch the screen start.  When you are inside the circle press and hold to grapple.

Swing round and take your finger off the screen to move towards the exit ( red circle ).

Complete all 20 levels to unlock the next game.





Similar controls to Maneuver. Time your thrusts to get to the exit (red square).

Avoid the black walls.

Complete all 40 levels to unlock the next game.





Your ball always bounces up and down, you can only control whether is moves horizontally or not. Touch the screen to stop moving horizontally and again to start moving horizontally.

The icon on your ball will tell know which horizontal direction you are going or will be going.

Bouncing off vertical walls will reverse your horizontal direction.

You can only bounce on walls that are the same colour as your ball.

The coloured stars change the colour of your ball.

Get to the exit ( green circle ) o advance to the next level.

Complete all 30 levels to unlock the next game.





In this Archery based game you need to touch and hold the screen to pull back you ball.

Letting go of the screen launches your ball towards the target.

You will need to time when you touch the screen and how long you hold it for.

Hit all 100 targets to complete the game.

This is the last skill to master and will unlock a very special feature.








(c) D.Wolff and J.Horton 2015